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If all life as we know did not evolve by chance, then it must have been designed and created. The Biblical creation story of Genesis is shared by people of Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. Surprisingly, similar Creation stories are also told by American Indians, Aborigines and many other people groups that predate any missionary influence (Mackay, 2000). In ancient Chinese writing the symbol for dust is a man coming out of the ground (Adam?) and in Hawaii there is a cave on a mountain referred to as Mrs Noah's cave (Mackay, 2000).


We struggle with the Biblical Creation story, because to us it seems no more than a parable. Also, for many years, we have probably watched program after program that assures us the world is billions of years old and we all evolved from bacteria (or simple cells of some sort).

However, in perceiving the Creation story to be no more than a parable, we are limiting God to do the impossible. Even though Science does not clearly support Evolution (open to how the data is interpreted) if you look at many aspects of the theory, it somehow seems more palatable to some of us that bacteria (or simple cells of some sort) eventually turned into all life on Earth, rather than God made all life on Earth.

However, if God made the World, why is it in such a mess today? Christians believe this is because man chose to rebel against God's ways for him at the start of time, and as a results humanity and Creation fell out on harmony with God. The selfish nature of man leads to greed, hatred, jealousy and all those other big issues of life that can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Is there a solution? Again, Christians believe the solution to man's problems is in the person of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was more than just a good teacher who did some interesting tricks healing people. They actually believe he was God come to Earth in the form of a man. His death on the cross was to pay the penalty for the wrong selfish things we all do, and bring us back to the harmonious relationship with God for which we were made. This will not immediately solve all the problems of the world, but if God can help us lead less selfish lives, it will affect life on planet Earth. Consider the the difference people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, William Willberforce, Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoffer, Albert Schweitzer and less well know Christians have made. We may not all reach such levels of fame, but God can still make a difference in our lives and most importantly, he can restore us to a relationship with himself.

The Bible speaks of God loving us much more than natural parents love their children. Belief in God is a free choice each of us can make and each of us can be reconciled with God if we want to be. To find out more about what it means to be a Christian, go to the Become a Christian page or see some of the links on the links page, or buy some of the recommended Christian books.

Suggested reading:-

Darwin's Leap of Faith, by John Ankerberg and John Weldon.

Genesis flood, by J. C. Whitcomb and H. M. Morris.

How to be born again, by Billy Graham.

Many infallible proofs, Evidence for the Christian faith, by M. Henry.

Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis.

Reaching for the invisible God, by P. Yancey.

The Bible.

The Jesus I never knew, by P. Yancey.

Where is God when it hurts, by P. Yancey.




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