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  River Bissonnette

Greeting. I get a newsletter from Kent Hovind and learned about Joe Baker and this site. I have justed finnished requirements for my B.Sc. in Evolutionary Biology and have been working on a B.A. in Philosophy of Science studying the creationism movements since around Darwins time until now focusing on Biblicaly based movements in the USA. I am also reading up on Intelligent Design and have found this to be a very interesting non-christian offshoot to the Old Earth majority creationist view. I was veryinterested to see the debate between Joe and Matthew Kostura and have been looking for debate opponents for web and even live debates on the subjects of science and Evolutionary Biology. Recently I've been looking into setting up my own web site withm and links to a few sites like this one for a point by point refution of all assumptions presented. If you would be interesting in any of these projects please feel free to e-mail me any time at [email protected] 6/5/2002 11:25:44 AM  

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