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  Dave McCallum

Well, I guess that all that I have to say in defense of evolution is that it makes a lot more sense than the belief that one day God just put us on the planet. I mean if you study anthropology they’re pretty close to finding the missing link. If you really think about it science can pretty much explain what has happened since the beginning of not only our solar system, but the entire universe. That doesn’t refute that there is a God per-say, but it does bring question as to what his part is as far as humans are concerned. I mean what gives you the right to think that you are better than any other living creature on this earth? Personally, I think that you religious people have a lot to reflect upon. Think about the fact that more people have been killed because of religion than probably any disease on the face of the earth. Now that is something to think about….the fact that because of one narrow minded person countless others will have to die. If you’re a catholic then I guess that just ends the 9/19/2002 1:07:54 PM  

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