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  Craig Hampton

Nicholas, My apologies for my apparent inability to spell, but I can assure you what got posted is not identical to what I typed. I don’t know why this is so, but look closely at other posts, including your own, and you should notice that the guestbook seems to be randomly deleting portions of words and sentences. At least that's the way it appears on my PC. Anyway, what my original message said before getting garbled by the posting process is that both evolution and creation are outside the realm cience because neither is observable, testable, or repeatable. Your claim that evolution is observable is completely false. If you disagree, then please identify one example where an organism was observed changing into a completely different kind of organism. Understand that in order to qualify as evolution, your example must show that there was an actual increase in genetic information, not a reshuffling of existing genetic info (which is NOT evolution). Remember, it has to be an example where someon 9/20/2002 10:27:32 AM  

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