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  DelRay Again
Java Man Was The Skull Of A Gibbon.Nebraska Man Was The Tooth Of A Pig And The Piltdown Man Was A Lowdown Sham.They Built That Man From An Orangutan.Ramapithicus Wasnt Complete.Hes A Fragment Of Jaw And A Couple of Teeth.Additional Skeletons Show Us TodayThat He Isnt A Relative,Only An Ape. Australapithicus Alias Lucy The Fossil Of ThatIs Just Vague And Confusing.TheWonderful Kneebone Theyre Proud To Posess Was 200Feet Deeper A Mile From The Rest.Neanderthal Man Was Kinda DeficientIn VitaminD OrIt MightaBeen Rickets But He Had Religion And Musical instruments FireAndTools And TheySay Hes No Different..they say we were monkeys but people came from dust in the ground they're just kinda pretendin' but i know why they're so afraid if we come fromou need God's Son to be saved... 11/11/2002 9:28:21 AM  

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