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  Hannah Dyk

In my classes this past week, I have been deeply troubled by the evolutionistic teaching in my classes. I am a Christian and believe in Creationism, but hearing about evolution has caused me to think exactly why I do (I wasn’t doubting). Mandi referredme to your site, among others that I found and it was reassuring to read all that I had only thought upon briefly. It is truly amazing to believe how many people think that the evolution theory is fact and hardly study it for themselves. As being inthe honors program, I am required to take a small discussion class. Recently we read the book Genome, by Matt Ridley. In our discussion, we talked about evolution and I was the only person out of seventeen that believed in Creation. I was shocked. Iwasfurther dismayed by them expounding that they could think that they could believe in both. My teacher, a plant biologist firmly believes that you can keep your “religion” and science together. They sort of believe that God created the earth, then he 12/7/2002 10:37:19 PM  

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