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You spoke at my school (Kansas City Christian) and my church retreat (Colonial Presbyterian). I'm the kid with red hair and glasses if it's even at all possible to remember me with the thousands you see. I was just writing to say, keep at it. God&things through you, don't give up. I don't know if you realize all the lives that are changing. The impact you're making on the Kingdom of God. Don't let anything hold you down. Remember it's all for His glory. He's got an want youpraying for you. And I'll keep at it. If you can remember, please pray for me as well. God's got a plan for me and I know it. He's using me great ways right now. But Satan makes it really hard sometimes. I jk you for all you've done. Youe and the way I think about things, and I'm growing closer to God because of it. You did a great job on your website as well. It's amazing. I've been telling my friends about it. Any 12/15/2002 5:27:44 PM  

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