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  Alissa Graham
Lockport New york
Dear Joe. You are an AMAZING person! Yesterday I went to your seminar at the Niagara Youth Conference. Unbelieveable. Your were great when you made those points about those songers and how even though thy have it all, they dont have God and they are lonely, and the comment about how Britney Spears dressed was so right. You taught me alot about the eye, and it was fascinating when you told us how long it would take for a computer to download stuff the human eye saw. I really wished I had gotten to talk toyou, but my leader did, Karin, and another leader bought some of the videos. And the shirts you had were cool, the abortion is mean, alot of my friends bought one. I go to a christian school, so luckily I get taught that God made the earth and he createdeverything on it, and evolution from a christians point of view, but if I did go to a public school, I would want to be strong and stand up for my beliefs like you do. Thanks, Alissa 12/30/2002 1:56:58 PM  

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