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  Craig Hampton

johnnyshuteye, Perhaps you could point out where on this site that evolution is blamed for every evil in the world because I haven't noticed it. There certainly is alot of evil in the world that has evolutionary roots, but I wouldn't say EVERY eve world has come from evolution. Anyway, I respect your opinion that creationists don't understand, as I hope you respect my similar opinion of evolutionists. In fact, God also says evolutionists don't understand! 2 Peter 3 says that in the lascoffers would come that are WILLINGLY IGNORANT of the creation, the flood, and the coming judgement. And, as a person with a scientific background and a full understanding of what science is, I understand that evolution is not science because it is not now and never has been observable, testable, or repeatable. Evolution is nothing more than a set of beliefs about the past. No more, no less. Evolution is thus religious in nature, not scientific. 1/7/2003 8:16:09 AM  

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