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  Luke Randall

Thus, I suggest that the T of E is a belief system (as many would suggest), as it is not based on proven science (See “Scientific quotes” page). Belief systems as stated can affect how we think, e.g. for some it may make it difficult for them to believe in God if they believe all matter arose by chance. However, I accept that some Christians believe in evolution and I do not see the T of E as the root of all evil. However, I think I am correct to say that in the past concepts behind the T of E have beeninvolved in the practice of eugenics and in racial prejudice and some would say abortion is based on a belief that a foetus up to a certain age is not human enough to really matter, which could in part be based on evolutionary ideas for some – Open to correction on these points. SEE NEXT POST OR PREVIOUS 1/7/2003 1:02:31 PM  

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