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  Craig Hampton

Brian, It appears you have made yet another incredible claim about the fossil record but yet again have provided no proof or reference for that claim (“There are fossil lines that clearly show the transition of reptiles to mammals, reptiles to birds, apelike creature to man.”). As a matter of fact, many evolutionists say the notion that transitional fossils exist and have been discovered is absolutely not the case, the most outspoken of which was the late Stephen Jay Gould. Gould was apparently so troubled by the well accepted lack of fossil evidence in support of Darwinian gradualism that he felt the need to formulate a new evolutionary theory know as punctuated equilibrium to explain why we observe fossil gaps, and he was able to find countless disciples in the scientific community to buy into the theory. Perhaps you could provide an explanation to this quagmire that exists in the evolution community of believers. I will provide more comments to your guestbook entry in following posts. 2/10/2003 9:29:42 AM  

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