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  Craig Hampton

Brian, After reading your responses, it’s abundantly clear that you’ve made what is without doubt two of the most common blunders when investigating/studying the evolution theory. The first blunder is to equate facts with the INTERPRETATIONS of facts, and the second blunder is to believe that truth is determined by popular vote (reference your statement “The overwhelming majority of scientists know that evolution is a fact.”). Both of these common blunders within the evolutionist science community, inmy opinion, have resulted in tremendous negative impact to the furtherance of science. But rather than proceed on that thought, let me educate you with an example of the first blunder: it is a fact that all the fossils you cite exist, however, everythingyou can possibly conclude about those fossils, other than where they were buried, is nothing more than pure CONJECTURE! 2/18/2003 11:42:58 AM  

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