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  Craig Hampton

Deb, Whenever one is faced with a theory that has never been observed or experimentally duplicated by anyone at anytime under any circumstances, a theory that violates known laws of the universe like the second law of thermodynamics, that theory is mostcertainly NOT a fact and it cannot legitimately be referred to as a fact. The entire theory of evolution is based on nothing more than conjecture. You may believe that it is “patently false” that evolution is a religious belief system, but you can onlydoso if you throw the scientific method into the trash heap. I encourage you to learn to evaluate things on a fundamental level. Did you really do a full examination of the “evidence” for evolution (i.e., how it was discovered, the assumptions behind theINTERPRETATIONS that were draw from it, whether or not is was experimentally duplicated, etc.), or did you just blindly accept what was presented in evolutionary tainted textbooks/research? 2/19/2003 1:06:36 PM  

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