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  A. Sodhi

In response to Dr. Randall: Im sorry for not replying to your email. I check it infrequently. Anyhow, the specific points that I am referring to (I have multiple objections, but I am only talking about a few here) are the standard creationist arguments such as the magnetic field, helium, salt levels, and population growth. These "proofs" are stated again and again, even though they have been shown to be erroneus. Some look like they have even come straight from the web page of Kent Hovind. I understand that creationist are trying to give evidence for their position, but why do they simply fail to check the information that they present? Why is it that none of these arguments are presented in scientific journals? Is there really a conspiracy to keep "science" out of journals? What about focusing just on one argument? How about one of the four listed above? Can we find accepted evidence for just one of the four statements given above? If so please post them on this site 6/13/2002 10:24:27 AM  

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