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  Craig Hampton

Skip, No creationist I know of disputes the fact that the belief in evolution is the prevailing paradigm in science academia. But does that really prove anything? No it doesn’t! You’re making the same colossal blunder that most evolutionists seem to make; the blunder of thinking truth is determined by popular vote, whether by scientists or not. Every last human on the face of the earth could believe Darwinian evolution really happened, but that doesn’t prove anything. All it proves is that ethical/moral relativism is alive and well. You say, “You have to bring real science to the table in this discussion.” To that I say; great…when do the evolutionists plan to start?!? Conjecture, which is the ENTIRE FOUNDATION of evolution if you’re willing to bebrutally honest with yourself, is NOT scientific. Rather, things that are OBSERVABLE, TESTABLE, and REPEATABLE are scientific. Evolution and creation are both outside the realm of science because neither process is any one of those three things. 2/20/2003 10:57:04 AM  

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