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Also, I’ll aim this in your direction now: what was the proper date for the KBS Tuff? Which one was the proper date from K/Ar, Ar/Ar, paleomagnetism, or fission track dating: 2.42 myr? 1.6/1.8 myr? 6.9 myr? 8.43 myr? 17.5 myr? 4.11 myr? 212/230 myr? 7.46myr?All of these dates were obtained by the previous methods. KNM ER 1470 was found below the tuff. This skull was too modern looking to be beyond 2.6 myrs. So, which date is ALLOWED to be the correct one? Remember now, the fossils have to set the outsidelimits for which date is “good”, because evolution has to be true. 2/20/2003 11:12:43 AM  

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