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  Craig Hampton

Steve, Do you even know what science is? Do you know what the scientific method is? The definition of science is not “it’s what scientists do” as many simplistically seem to think. In addition, conjecture doesn’t equal fact! There is not, and never has been, one shred of evidence that PROVES evolution, or creation for that matter. Why? Because both the evolution and creation “process” are outside the realm of science! No one has EVER observed evolution or creation or has experimentally duplicated either at any time in history and under any circumstances. To believe that this gives us “facts” is nonsense of the highest order. You say in your post that the “facts” show the universe and earth to be billions of years old and that evolution has occurred, but then you end with “no science experiment that can be performed now supports a Universe less than 10,000 years old.” Well, what exactly do you believe? 2/20/2003 11:34:16 AM  

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