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  Craig Hampton

“There are more anti-Darwinists in British universities than you seem to realize. Among them is a friend of mine who holds a chair in a department of pure science ‘in a field bearing on the evolution question,’ to use your phrase. If his friends ask whyhe keeps quiet about his unorthodox views, he replies in words like those used recently in another connection by Professor Ian Roxburgh: ‘…There is a powerful establishment and a belief system. There are power seekers and career men, and if someone challenges the establishment he should not expect a sympathetic hearing.’…The majority of biologists accept the prevailing view uncritically – just as a great many competent Russian biologists were once brainwashed into accepting Lysenko’s quackery. Others have thought for themselves and came to realize the flaws in contemporary Darwinism. But for them to speak out would be to invite ridicule and would probably ruin their careers.” (Hayward, A.T.J., Nature, “Correspondence,” p.557, Vol. 240, Dec. 29, 1972) 2/21/2003 8:28:00 AM  

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