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  Joe Baker
From Gulin China
It is amazing how communism ties right in with the teachings of Neo-Darwinism. I have seen first hand what indoctrination really means after studying Maderin here in China for the past month. I have found that textbooks teach the same lies( in China as in America. The major difference is that in America we can still attack this propaganda machine and publically expose the anti-religious dogma. Most thinking people realize that this universe is packed with evidence for design. From themicro-scope to the tele-scope can we see universal ireducible complexity and information rich systems (systems that can by no streach of the imagination arange themselves without inteligence) within our cosmos. Most of you reading this, agree. For thosethat believe in Creation, I have only one question for you. How are you standing up for truth in America? If we don't continue to wage war against the system all of our intellectual resistance will wax even more futile. 6/19/2002 2:36:16 AM  

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