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  Skip Church
Lawrenceville NJ
Well, murder is "wrongful homicide" so that's pretty much defined as wrong. All homicides are not wrongful, though. But the others--lying and sex outside of marriage-- are plainly dependent on cultural norms and circumstances, so I can't see how ts. As to truth not being relative-- well, okay-- but that's pretty much what we mean by "truth" isn't it? Truth is a quality of BELIEFS, excluding those instances in logic and math where "truth" is syllogistic. So beliefs are truth or falsthics, ito me "truth" is not the appropriate standard, since there is no objective referent. Right and wrong is not "out there" somewhere. I look to whether or not an action on balance does harm, on conversely promotes happiness and well-being. But reasonable people will sometimes hold differing views on these matters. Does evolution somehow subvert morality? If so, how and why? 2/21/2003 10:11:38 AM  

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