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  Craig Hampton

Skip, I have shown you a direct quote that reflects the climate in academia regarding the evolution establishment and how powerful it is. It makes it perfectly clear that scientists are expected to toe the party line or risk severe ridicule at the least,or ruined careers at the most. So do you honestly believe there is a plethora of peer-reviewed journal articles that plead the case for creation (or against evolution)? Use your powers of deduction and logic man! Secondly, what hill-of-beans differencedoes it make whether or not the articles exist (there might be some, but the looking can just as easily be done by you!)? Do you honestly expect me to believe that producing something as you request is going to satisfy you (I’m requested to produce articles for you instead of you finding them yourself!)? And thirdly, what is this ridiculous, pretentious requirement that the article(s) come from faculty from an AAU member university? How arrogant is that? 2/21/2003 2:42:05 PM  

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