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  Craig Hampton

Skip, thanks so much for perpetuating the classic modus operandi of the evolutionist that's been backed into a corner...i.e., shift the burden of proof to the opponent, insist the opponent provide evidence/proof for the NONEXISTENSE of something, claictory in a game where you set the rules and you keep score. All I'd like you to do is show me the proof for evolution. Where is it? What is it? What is the verified and validated scientific (observed, tested, repeated) mechanism for the changing oorganism into a completely different kind of organism (an increase in genetic complexity), as well as the mechanism that brought life from non-life? Please, no more diversions, and refrain from your "no peer-reviewed, published articles againstevolution" red herring. Show me proof! 2/22/2003 9:42:56 AM  

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