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  Greg Challenger

In science, "theory" means a statement of what are held to be general laws, principles, or causes of something known or observed. The theory of evolution is a body of interconnected statements about processes that cause evolution, just as the atomic theory of chemistry and newtonian theory of mechanics are bodies of statements that describe causes of chemical and physical phenomenon. The statement that organisms have descended with modifications from common ancestors - the historical reality of evolution-is not a theory. It is a fact, as fully as the fact of the earth's revolution about the sun. Anyone who denies evolution is clearly ignorant of any number of facts. While burying your head in the sand or in pseudoscience like creation science will your beliefs, it will also keep you in ignorance. I suggest reading up on biogeography, genetic drift, principles in geology, the many ways of dating materials in addition to C14, and most importantly, the interconnectedness of genetics, biogeograph 2/26/2003 11:03:09 AM  

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