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  Paul Taylor

To DEB The debate is not about what the Bible does not say. Nor is it even about what is taught in schools or universities as science. The debate is about the evidence and how to interpret it. However if you can show me one statement of the Bible thathas been proven wrong by repeatable scientific experimentation it would carry more weight than simply calling me names. You might like to look at this article James Beilby and David K. Clark A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge I do notelevate 'science' to the place of dogma to which every knee must bow, since it is a fallible process of trial and error with enormous gulfs between what is known and what is there to be known. Even a blade of grass contains more knowledge and wisdacientific knowledge possessed by mankind since the grass can convert the energy of light into chemical energy - something that no scientist can yet do! 3/8/2003 1:08:39 AM  

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