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And I would agree with you on your last point Bob. But I don’t think that a majority of Christians believe in evolution. And even if they did, majority opinion does not dictate what is truth. And, to follow up on your last point, evolutionary philosophy is not so much atheism (although atheism and materialism go hand in hand more often then not; it serves as a proxy justification), it is a pagan/pantheistic set of beliefs. Everything formed itself from nothing by itself, and eventually time and chance became the “force” by which everything moved itself on upward to the complexity and functionality we see today. Darwin probably held more to this idea than any sort of hardline atheism. He thought of God as a “Prime Mover”, but that, ultimately, He had nothing more to do with His universe other than to “wind the clock” so to speak. Hence, “time and chance” took over and became the “force” by which all things owed their existence. 3/16/2003 12:01:57 PM  

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