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  Craig Hampton

(Bob cont.) " ‘Everything formed itself from nothing by itself.’ No this is abiogenesis. It is not evolution. Evolution is concerned with already existing things changing over time. Evolution does not care how the original thing was created (could be Godor nature).” I disagree. If evolution doesn’t account for the origin of life – the very first step – then the whole subject of evolution hangs on nothing! It may be convenient for the theistic evolutionist to cite God as the first step and evolution asthe follow-on mechanism, but there is ZERO support for this in scripture and there’s not even any legitimate scientific (observed, tested, repeated) support for it either. NO LESS faith is required to believe the evolution account of origins than the Genesis account of origins. Everything we observe in nature is perfectly compatible with the creation account in the Holy Bible. 3/18/2003 9:33:12 AM  

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