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  Craig Hampton

“What if a solar day used to be 100 million years?” Let’s think critically about that. If a solar day used to be 100 million years, then night time (or evening) would have been approximately half of that, or 50 million years. You want to explain to mehow plant life could have survived through 50 million years of darkness before seeing direct sunlight again? I don’t know if you’re attempting to claim a solar day used to be 100 million years long or if you were just asking a hypothetical question, butthe Bible makes it very clear that the “creation days” of Genesis were literal 24 hour days, just like we observe today. There is no basis for interpreting the 6-day creation account to indicate anything other than literal 24-hour days. This is consistentwith my statement in a previous post that everything we observe in nature is perfectly compatible with the creation account in the Holy Bible, a statement that you said theistic evolutionists concur with! 3/19/2003 3:02:03 PM  

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