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  Craig Hampton

?God must have given plants the power to live in Darkness - maybe plants didnt need to photosynthesise during the creation. Im sure an almighty God could have sorted it out.? Well then, please cite the scriptural reference(s) that support this, as well as how the original Hebrew of the reference(s) can be legitimately translated to mean what you think it means. And after your done with that, please answer the questions I asked previously about how millions of years of death preceding Adam and Eve is compatible with the Biblical account of the fall and God sending his Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Why do we need a Savior if death preceded Adam? What would a savior be saving us from? If the sin of Adam didn?t cause the curse of death to come upon creation like the Bible said it did, then I can hardly wait to hear your explanation to how we know Adam sinned, that we can even know what sin is, and consequentially why we need a Savior. 3/20/2003 7:17:26 PM  

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