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Bob, I’m just wondering why you seem to have so much faith that God could have conformed His creation act to your and other men’s hypothetical treatise on creation (hypothesis based in materialistic presuppositions antithetical to His revealed method), and yet cast so much doubt upon His revealed method of doing so (Biblical chronology). If he could sustain the plants for 50 myrs, then why could He not have created all that there is in 6 days, just like how He revealed to us in His word? Why must there beinterjected, against what is in Genesis, concepts that are the antithesis of the Genesis account? Ultimately, you are going to have to either accept Him at His word, or say that you prefer the fallible just-so theories of men bent on anti-Biblical materialism over His revealed method. 3/21/2003 2:34:04 PM  

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