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Ah, independent age of the earth. I assume you mean to some extend radiometric dating. So, maybe you can clarify this one for me: What was the correct age for the KBS Tuff using K/Ar, Ar/Ar, paleomagnetism, or fission track dating: 2.42 myr? 1.6/1.8 myr?6.9 myr? 8.43 myr? 17.5 myr? 4.11 myr? 212/230 myr? 7.46 myr? The “proper” date was determined beforetime by the fossils found. The philosophical numbers assigned to those fossils (assuming evolution true from the onset) determined the “correct” outside limits for the dates. Yet, one could accept any date as correct if one did not have philosophical bias to determine “correct” dates. This shows how aberrant the results are for these methods. How is that independent verification? 3/21/2003 2:53:45 PM  

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