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  Craig Hampton

As far as your claim that young earth creationists think the speed of light (C) has rapidly increased since creation, don't you have that backwards? Wouldn't C have needed to DECREASE rapidly from creation to explain the apparent distance of starsoung universe? I don't know how fast C was at time zero, and I don't think it even matters!!! The God I believe in isn't limited by man's flawed notions. He can make a universe with the appearance of age. He made Adam a full grown man (howhen God created him, and how old did he look?). He made full grown plant life, not seeds that had to germinate and grow. He made everything fully mature, just like the Bible says. Why do you think nothing of believing only part of the Bible and rejecting the rest? Finally, please answer my questions about why we need a savior if death preceded Adam. Surely you must know the answer since you're so convinced God used evolution. 3/21/2003 7:36:02 PM  

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