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Continued from the Geotimes report with John Eddy’s comments on the age of the sun: “Solar physics now looks to paleontology for data on solar chronology, he (Eddy) concluded.” Despite the fact that you think these areas should be separate, we seem to find this idyllic setting is in fact not possible, and is actually the other way around. Where evolutionists claim that the facts speak independently of the age of the earth, sun, etc., we find that much of the beginning PHILOSOPHY (concerning such things asinterpretations of fossils in strata) are the ultimate starting point for many a cosmological primer. This is a perfect example of this in effect.The starting interpretation didn’t conform to real time observations, so a need to “start back” at the fossils once more was expressed by Eddy. The interpretations on fossils beget the numbers expected (and unfortunately, begets the expectation of the only “acceptable” results, which are then published; take a look at the history of the KBS Tuff and skull 1470) 3/24/2003 3:01:25 AM  

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