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Bob, what is your impression of what has been stated thus far in relation to the solar neutrino experiment findings, as well as the quote attributed to John Eddy? What would his, as well as the other findings stated here, mean to the idea of an ancient (bill yrs old) chronology for the universe? And how does this apply to your previous statement of “the answer must be from physics” for the assumption that the universe is so many billions of years old? (It would seem, by the way, that having to go back topaleontology for the numbers pertaining to astronomy (as Eddy stated)would be a far cry from known physics supplying the answers. Notice in the quote:“This large discrepancy suggests a radical modification of fundamental physics OR drastic changes in thetheory of the solar interior” The numbers are not supplied by physics. The THEORY is fueled by beginning interpretations in of all places paleontology.) 3/26/2003 10:39:03 AM  

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