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Matt, you just eliminated, by your own definition, the possibility that macro evolution could ever happen (increase in genetic info; from fish to philosopher so to speak). If no increase, then you lose the possibility that specific appendages; the lungs,eyes,skeletal structure, etc. of a particular Genus, Genera, or Class could have arisen (de novo or otherwise)by random rearrangement of genetic info being singled out by natural selection over millions of years. In fact, information becomes so “rearranged” as you put it, that if left unchecked, whatever function those genes would code for would be lost, making the recipient less fit. The rest of the info is then taken out of the gene pool by natural selection of the “less fit”. The info is then lost permanently. Sounds like an effective loss of vitality.So, where did the info, which is now degrading, orig. come from? Gen.1:1 3/27/2003 9:59:32 PM  

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