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  Paul Taylor

When I was a child I used to play with my fathers binoculars. I used to look through the wrong way at my feet and they seemed to be small and distant. In the same way, those who choose to look at the evidence through the lense of long ages and molecules to man evolution are thereby induced to see everything constrained by the assumptions that they impose on what they see. I choose to look at the same evidence with the assuption that God is true and His word totally reliable. Everything then is clearly seen to be consistent with this set of assumptions. Nor are there violations of known natural laws that I have to ignore, as do those who choose the Evolutionary view. We will all give account to Christ for what we have done in the body. I would rather believe Him now and have Him on my side at that time. Wouldn't you? 7/3/2002 4:01:11 AM  

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