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Matt;”How have you come to believe in your chosen faith? Is it something that was taught(instilled) by parents, or did you come to have faith by learning on your own,introspection?” Well, in light of the fact that by your own definition you ruled out thepossibility of macroevolution, I’d have to ask the same thing: Why don’t you believe what the Bible tells us, even when what we observe now totally conforms to what it tells us? (that organisms cannot change past a certain genetic point, reproducing aftertheir kind)“ Have you ever questioned your faith?” Hopefully, this discussion did that for you. If left with no possibility of one (macroevolution), would you be willing to consider the other?(creation from Gen 1:1) Keep an open discerning mind Matt. Two statements contradictory to one another cannot both be right. 3/30/2003 12:33:16 PM  

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