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  River Bissonnette
Sorry for not posting for a while, but I have been busy doing critics of this site starting with the Adaptation/Mutation page and the Dating Methods page. I saved the entire site and have been working off the old Dating methods section, but will be ableto deal with your changes in only a few days. My critic of this site will be posted on the above Yahoo group and will contain many references from peer reviewed journals and links to web sites. I have also just started a critic of the Scientific Quotes section. I was suprized to find that all the quotes here are found on many other creationist sites. This was easy to find out by copying the entire quote and pasting it in a search engine. I found is that there are many sites which have the exact same quotes and they have never checked to see how valid the quotes are since one of them has been misquoted with the WRONG journal at every site I found. The "Annual Review of Biology and Systematics" does not exist 7/5/2002 1:44:38 PM  

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