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  Craig Hampton

To Luke Perry, The exact same thing you say about creation can be said about evolution: people oppose evolution for the simple fact that it hasn't been proven AT ALL by anything or anyone! In spite of the extreme evolutionary INDOCTRINATION that hasd in the public school system, academia, and the media over the past few decades, evolution is most certainly NOT a fact, it is nothing more than a fairytale for adults. Neither creation nor evolution can be "proven", but the abundant evidence we observein nature and the universe without a doubt most closely fits the creation model of origins than the evolution model, unless you use humanistic influences to interpret the observations instead of analyzing ALL data, which is what evolutionists seem tobe guilty of (e.g., the evolutionists bad habit of summarily rejecting any evidence or evidentiary interpretation that is compatible with the creation model). Come up with some hard facts that evolution is true; until then, creation is believable. 7/24/2002 7:02:40 AM  

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