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(Cont.) You initially practice the above approach by constantly telling us that our claim to truth is not truthful, and is factually in error. Yet you turn around and claim that even your truth claims may be in error. So you call creationists out as beingin error, thus you do not accept their claim. Yet, you state that you are, in effect, “intolerant” of those claims that claim to be true, and that you yourself may be in error. So in effect, you are only tolerant of those claims that don’t claim to be truth, which in turn ARE stating that they are the truth (i.e., that nothing is true, except the statement that “nothing is true” is the only truth). You are stating, in a very broad sense, “I don’t know, therefore, you must not know either”, which in itselfis highly assumptive. 3/30/2004 1:27:29 PM  

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