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  Paul G. Taylor
Jay, 3/20/2004 Science cannot ‘prove’ any theory true. At best a theory is accepted when it has not be falsified after thorough investigation. While there are a number of variations in basic cosmology, they resolve into two groups: -- A) The universeis eternal and everything made itself. B) The universe is made and the Maker is eternal. You certainly haven’t done sufficient research to form a reasoned opinion. A good place to start comparing the Creation Model with the Evolutionary Model would be“A Theory of Creation” . Check out what can and cannot be falsified in the two theories and the status of both theories under factual examination. You could also check out the reliability of the Bible, which stands up under the most intense scrutiny. E.g. “After the Flood” by Bill Cooper or “Answering The Allegations” just for starters. 4/4/2004 12:36:57 AM  

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