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I wish people would spend less time thinking about religion and god. It is 2004 after all, and we as human kind or the civilization should advance and start focusing on discovering the true facts. If we all focus and devote our time to the correct thingswe can know much more and advance much faster. I can not believe how many minds still spend precious time focusing and believing in something so unreal as god. If religion did not exist we would be so much further along as human kind. It is unfortunate that humans do not see the big picture and still become victims of religious thoughts. Any one that believes in god and spends any time thinking about god or praying is really not using his or her time to help us the human kind to live better. Using yourbrain to think about god could be compared to using the most powerful super computers for playing solitaire. Absolute waist of great minds and time! By doing so, one just wastes the one thing that can not ever be replaced. Time ! 4/22/2004 8:43:41 AM  

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