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  Paul G. Taylor
Auckland NZ
Reply to Mark. “It is 2004 after all…” I presume that you mean 2004 AD? Surely you do not think that Anno Domini [in the year of our Lord], referring to the Lord Jesus Christ [See], the facts of whose death andresurrection have been remembered by the whole world for two millennia, are of no significance at all? Furthermore, the Jewish calendar, which is based on the creation of Adam, shows the current year as 5764 [See] and is the equivalent of AM [Anno Mundi or the Year of the World]. This closely approximates the figure of Bishop Ussher [so much ridiculed by the Evolutionary community] of 4004 BC as the date of Creation. [4004 + 2004 = 6008, or 244 years difference]. These are some ofthe facts of verifiable history rather than the mere speculation of Evolutionists. “start focusing on discovering the true facts” Maybe you should start discovering some of the true facts of history. There is completely verifiable history right backback 4/23/2004 5:29:23 AM  

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