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  Paul G. Taylor
Auckland, NZ
Reply to Matt There is no need to cite any references. A simple search of the Internet for ‘junk DNA’ will turn up over 22,000 sites with this phrase in them. The evidence is clear and ubiquitous that the bias of Evolutionary scientists led them to call the bulk of DNA, of which they had no understanding, ‘junk DNA’. They did this because they thought that as it had been built up over millions of years by chance events it was to be expected that there would be lots of useless ‘data’ there. In contrast, Creationists, believing that the evidence points to a super-intelligent creator, have made no such assumption about the use of non-coding DNA, instead looking for and expecting a purpose in all that He created and made. The search for truth does not require or restrict itself to peer-reviewed scientific journals. One of the fundamental failures of such is to perpetuate an unscientific and anti-science belief such as Evolution 5/13/2004 4:14:02 AM  

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