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  Paul G.Taylor
Auckland, NZ
In reply to Matt, 4/4/2004: -- Creation by the wisdom and power of God contradicts neither logic nor any laws of nature. It simply maintains a sufficient cause for the known effect. The works of Shakespeare represent an ordered selection of words that no naturalistic operation of scientific laws can explain. That is why we know, even if we did not have any historical records of the author and his works, that there is an author and that he authored those works. The history that we do have and the evidence that can be found in the books themselves corroborate each other. In the same way, the evidences from all of creation, including that from mankind, points to a wonderful designer with great wisdom and power beyond our ability to conceive. The bible record is simply an historical record of His works, both in creation and in His efforts to help mankind to recover from a disastrous fall from the original condition in which God created us. 5/13/2004 4:40:27 AM  

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