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I have felt for years that things like common genetic code amongst species could just as easily be attributed to intelligent design as to evolution. If I were designing a universe I'd make re-useable pieces. But so would evolution. However, firsthould stop calling intelligent design creation because the term is too loaded and specifically linked to the Christian mythology, and secondly those wanting to teach children about intelligent design in schools invariably have a religious agenda thatincludes indoctrinating children in their particular view of the potential designer (do you really think the nutters in the White House have thought design versus evolution through or that they want it taught because it makes sense rather than being tiedto a religion they wish to promote). I am all for children being told about both intelligent design and evolution from nothing -- REST REMOVED - PLEASE POST LONG QUOTES OVER SEVERAL POSTS 6/7/2004 11:21:09 AM  

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