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  Ted Moody

Something from nothing? I have pondered long and hard over the idea of evolution, reading everything I could, both for and against. The mathematical argument against (tornado in a junkyard) seems pretty convincing, but it still leaves the tiniest room for doubt. Though the odds are astronomically against it, creation by chance may still actually be possible. The clincher for me finally came in the form of a very simple fact, which is absolutely indisputable, and that is; IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET MORE OUTOF A THING THAN IS ACTUALLY IN IT. It is generally accepted in the world of technology that, say, television evolved from radio, radios increased in complexity and efficiency from the earliest crystal sets, which in turn evolved from telegraph, etc. Theseare obvious technical developments of increasing complexity, and it is feasible to say that all modern forms of telecommunication have a common ancestor (jungle drums?). No doubt Darwin observed, and was influenced by the Victorian obsession with 'p 6/24/2004 12:56:43 PM  

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