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  Ted Moody

Something from nothing - cont: No doubt Darwin observed, and was influenced by the Victorian obsession with 'progress', and theorised that the natural world must work in the same way; but the fact remains that, however much the elements of a radi(randomly or otherwise), it is utterly impossible to produce a TV set. The additional complexity, organisation, functions, and components are just not there. Evolutionists would have us believe that complex organisms evolved from simpler ones. How? Wheredoes the additional complexity come from? Indeed, a caterpillar can develop into a butterfly, but the 'blueprint', method, and materials to achieve such a transformation have to be there in the first place. For me, this has to be the ultinswerablent. Please excuse if you have mentioned this point somewhere on your site - I haven't read everything yet. 6/25/2004 12:09:03 PM  

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