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About me - I am a nineteen-year-old student at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible (in 2001). I was born in Bozeman Montana and raised in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. I enjoy rock climbing, snow boarding, backpacking, reading about science, and reading my Bible. I became a Christian at a young age and have since been excited to know more and more about our great Lord, Creator, and Savior Jesus Christ.

I was tricked into believing in evolution throughout my 8th and 9th grade years of public high school. Then, when I was presented with the facts of science and given the book: “The Evolution of A Creationist” by, in my opinion the most humble Creationist, Dr. Jobe Martin, I also became a believer in Creation.
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Errors in Science textbooks -Throughout tenth and eleventh grade I studied hard and learned more and more about science and the Bible. In the middle of my eleventh grade year, Dr. Johnathan Wells sent me a copy of his book entitled “Icons of Evolution”. I felt very lied to by the public educational system after reading about the consistent errors found in biology textbooks that were being used to propagate Evolutionism in my school. I then began my adventure of taking on Darwinism by asking my local school board to put labels in the front of books that used the outdated icons. These labels would simply inform the students that certain information in their textbook had been proven to be erroneous. (top of page).

Debate Creation Vs. Evolution - My faith was the strongest during my senior year and I continued being active at school board meetings along with warning my friends and peers about the nonexistent evidence for the belief in biological evolution. I set up a debate on Creation Vs. Evolution featuring Dr. Kent Hovind, who is in my opinion one of the allstars of Creationism, and also a seminar on the errors in science textbooks by Dr. Johnathan Wells (see Links page). I began a Creation Bible study at my School that allowed some of the Christians to unite and fellowship along with prayer for our School each week. top of page).

Media connection - With the media’s help people all over the country became interested in who I was and how evolution was being taught at my school. I could have never dreamed how interested people became in the topic, considering the Darwinists call evolution  “just a theory.” I had so much fun getting my picture on the front of dozens of major newspapers on the East cost along with a few stories that went out on the wire and spanned the nation and even the ocean. CNN picked up the story and had it broadcast in schools all across America. They also put a page on their international site about my battle (top of page).

Focus on the family - Focus on the Family (who are involved in a worldwide Christian ministry upholding the importance of the family) put out a story about my fight in their September edition of Citizen magazine that went out to millions of homes. (top of page).

Available to God - Essentially all that I did was become available to God and allow him simply to use me, and He sent me on the adventure of my life. Now God is sending me to teach other students across the country about what they can do, to stand up for what is right, in their own public schools. I will be going on tour next year by myself employed by Maranatha Productions, telling my story to youth and getting them the information and materials to stand up against the fallacy of Darwinism. (top of page).

My Beliefs - I believe that with faith by Grace alone are we saved. Only by the belief in the saving power of the literal: virgin birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord, Creator, and Savior Jesus Christ are we acceptable to God. My world-view is founded on Biblical Theism which is; “The belief in the existence and primacy (supreme nature) of one God who is three persons transcending (beyond and apart from) and yet imminent (present in and involved) in the Universe, who has revealed himself in the Bible.”

Though I do spend countless hours studying both Evolution and Special Creation and speak on the topics, I do not claim to be a scientist or even an expert on Creationism. I just want to equip others to know where and how to find answers about such important issues. If you are an evolutionist and think that you have some evidence for the molecules to man theory, I would be more than happy to set up a public debate on the topic.

I believe that the entire Bible is the inherent, infallible, inspired word of the living God. I believe that the Bible has been shown to be 100% scientifically, historically, and in my life accurate. I am without apology a Young Earth Creationist. I believe that the Young Earth view is the only literal interpretation of God's Word, and is supported by scientific research. I believe that the world and all that was originally in it was created in six literal days approximately 6 thousand years ago, and that a literal worldwide flood later destroyed the earth and formed many of the geological features that we see today
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