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There are a many sites on the Internet devoted to to Creation / Evolution debate from both viewpoints. Below are just a few links of interest from a creationist viewpoint mainly and a few other sites of possible interest.

461 Web-Based Articles. Some of the best material supportive of the biblical creationary model, carefully selected and compiled by Ashby Camp.

Abiogenesis. If naturalistic molecules-to-human-life evolution were true, multibillions of links are required to bridge modern humans with the chemicals that once existed in the hypothetical “primitive soup”. Essay by Dr Jerry Bergaman on "Why Abiogenesis is impossible.

Answers in Genesis. A large web site devoted to giving up to date evidence in favour of Creation. This organisation has a magazine available (four issues per year) with up to date facts. It also has many books and videos available to buy on-line.

Anti Creation. "Fox news article about professor Michael Dini (see Anti Creation page) and a link to his own web-site from which some of the material on the Anti Creation page was taken.

Are there 800 billion fossils buried in the Karoo formation.

All about God. A site about God, Christianity, evolution versus creation, other religions, philosophy, cults and more ...........

Become a Christian? A web site about Christianity with details of how to become a Christian.

Bible study books. Site selling Christian books for Bible study, spiritual growth and more.

Big Bang. Lots of information about how the theory first came into being and twenty of its shortfalls.

Books Harvestime. Books in favour of creation to buy on-line including one from which the quotes in favour of a young earth were taken.

Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures? A page of a web site showing how dangerous mutations can be to living organisms. An excellent and informative page with lots of Scientific information.

Center for Scientific creation. A site with lots of information plus books and videos to buy.

CNN news report of Joe Baker's battle on the Creation Vs. Evolution debate.

Coeleocanth (The fish out of time). A site devoted to a fish that was once thought to be extinct 70 million years ago and was once thought to be an intermediate between fishes and amphibians. Site has pictures of the swimming and more.

Christian Answers. A large web site with answers to many questions relating to the Christian faith, including some pages devoted to different aspects of the Creation versus Evolution debate.

Creation Research. The Australian Creation Research site lead by John Mackay. Lots of information and the source of the videos recommended on the videos page. John Mackay is an excellent, informed and witty speaker and the videos are excellent.

Creation Research Society. This site has lots of information and a worldwide directory of creationist organisations. Also books and videos to buy on-line or by post.

Creation Science movement UK. Books, CD's and videos to buy on-line + the chance to join up and receive regular updates via pamphlets. Also details of the "Genesis Expo". In 1995 the old National Provincial Bank on Portsmouth Hard was purchased and has now been altered to house the first large permanent creation exhibition in the UK.

Day One publications. An excellent source of books such as "He made the stars also", see Big Bang page.

Darwin, Charles. Web site giving information about the life of Charles Darwin as shown on the About Darwin page.

Dealing with challenges from evolutionists's. An excellent site with links to hundreds of hundreds of essays, highly recommended.

Dinosaurs. Web site giving information about dinosaurs as shown on the Dinosaurs page, latter part.

Dinosaur sightings. There have been over 20,000 reported sightings of dinosaur-like creatures in the 20th century. A few pictures and stories can be found online at this site.

Dr Kent Hovind's web site - see page about Joe Baker.

Endosymbiosis site 1 and Endosymbiosis site 2 - See Endosymbiosis on Simple cells page.

Eugenics. Site from which the Eugenics material and quotes on the "Does it Matter" page were taken.

Evolution, a fairy tale for grown ups. A clever cartoon style web site but with some serious points. See how the wolf changed into a whale and the giraffe grew his long neck!

Flat earth myth. Links to a site to show that people did not always believe in a flat earth until recent times.

Focus on the family - Joe Baker's story on the Focus on the family web site. Focus on the family is a Christian ministry devoted to upholding Christian family values.

Footprints of Dinosaurs and humans on  the Paluxy River - See Joe Bakers debate with Dr Kostura.

Fossil intermediates. Site used to obtain some of the information for the Intermediates page with respect to definitions of transitional fossils.

Genesis park. A well laid out and imaginative site about the living relatives of dinosaurs.

GoDaddy. To buy the software that built this site.

Henry Gee is the author of a quote in Nature magazine about lack of fossil evidence for early man. However, this link (Henry Gee) shows that whilst he has written about the lack of fossil evidence for early man he does not believe this to be proof that man did not evolve and he is very touchy about being quoted by creationists!

History of man. Web site from which the traditional time periods for the presumed evolution of early man were taken.

Icons of Evolution web site - by Dr Johnathon Wells see page about Joe Baker.

Institute of Creation Research. A large site with on-line articles and books etc. to buy on-line.

Lucy. Essay about early man "Lucy" from the Institute of Creation Research web-site.

Nature magazine web site. Source of some quotes used in DNA relatedness page.

Radiometric dating. Problems with.

Ransomed heart ministries. The organisation Joe Baker will be working and training with for two years from 2003.

Sanger Center - human genome project. Source of some quotes used in DNA relatedness page.

Scientists who believe in creation. Biologists and Physical Scientists also see Christian Answers

Spectator magazine. Source of the article (24th October 2003) on the "Home" and "Anti Creation" pages.

Starlight and the speed of light. How can we see light from stars millions of light years away if the earth is only a few thousand years old?

True origins. This site was established to provide an intellectually honest response to the claims of evolutionism’s proponents (including, but not limited to, the likes of the “Talk.Origins” newsgroup and website).

Web site software. Go-Daddy site where you can buy the software that built this site.

What does it mean to be a Christian? A web page that gives some pointers about what it means to be a Christian.

Theory of evolution. Web site for source of some of the material used on the theory of evolution page in purple.

Toumai skull. Links to an article which largely discredits the Toumai skull as being of an early hominid.

Young earth? Source of the quotes on my Dating methods page in favour of a young earth.

Young earth? A site with further arguments in favour of a young earth.

50 reasons to leave your faith. The source (with kind permission from Samuel Bollinger) of the information on early man on this web site and a source of lots of other information also. See a fossilised pair of boots!




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