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"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"


Joe's itinerary

Joe's speaking topics


Joe's itinerary

Joe currently does not have a formal speaking itinerary.

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Joe's speaking topics


Joe's strategy to change the world?

Most Christians will agree that the church in America is losing its moral influence on today's youth. Why? How can you help to bring about change. Joe believes that he has strategy that if put into practice will disarm the evolutionary propaganda machine. He needs you to do it.

How to witness when skeptics ask

Joe tells of his personal stories of speaking with the skeptics. He wants to show others both how to answer their questions while presenting the Love of Jesus Christ with your life.

Answering the objections to our Christian faith

Joe brings answers to the most difficult objections to the Christian faith. He talks about the problem of evil and answers the question of if their is a God why is their so much evil and suffering in the world? What happened to the Dinosaurs?

Why do I believe in a young earth Creation?

Joe believes that Creation is foundational to our Christian Faith. He uncovers what the Bible as a whole says about Creation and explains why he is a Young Earth Creationist.

How to teach an objective science curriculum

This is Joe's most advanced seminar. He explains why Naturalism is the dominant Paradigm and why the evidence for Intelligent Design is being censored from public school education. How should Evolution be presented to students?

Darwin vs. Design

Joe reveals the evidence to support the claim that this universe had to have been created by a transcendent intelligent designer. There have been a mountain of biological challenges for Darwin's theory. Joe will explain some of the discoveries on the cutting edge of research, evidence that is not being presented to students.


It takes faith to believe in Creation too

Some Christians believe that they can prove that the Bible is true. Some Creationists believe that they can prove the existence of God. Joe shows what the Biblical worldview says not only about truth but also about faith. Building your faith on arguments is like building your house on sand. Even though the evidence is compelling we still must believe by faith. He explains why he loves science and how we can get to know God through the Creation and through Scripture.

What Is Being Taught in Public High School

Learn what students in America are being taught in their public institutions. You will be amazed at the amount lies that are being presented to the youth of our nation. Joe explains the fraudulent Icons from science textbooks that he presented to his School Board while a senior in High School.

China Missions

Joe spent his summer as a missionary to southern China. You will see relationship evangelism at work. Joe wants to inspire others to get out and minister to someone in need. It's hard to watch his beautiful slide presentation without falling in love with China.

Joe's testimony

What events radically changed Joe's life? How Joe single handedly stirred up an entire community and received international coverage for challenging his High School to teach the evidence honestly. Be ready to be challenged and inspired, as he shares his unique story of how he went from being an observer of history to a kid who wants to make history. He often shares his story within his other seminars as well.

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